Happy Clients

Jacky has been a huge help with my business. She has been supportive and encouraging. Seeing my business with fresh eyes and giving me new ideas. Thank you so much for your guidance and support through this challenging time.
When we first started our business we needed guidance Infact a lot.. And Jacky was so supportive, knowledgeable and passionate about helping people like myself, in working towards a direction for our business . We would like to say a big thank you from BraintrainersUK to Jacky for being our inspiration
Jacky really helped me gain clarity when I struggled to see the wood for the trees !! She listened , then helped me form a plan and clear steps enabling me to move forward . Thank you Jacky I felt so much more confident and equipped after our conversations , actions are now in flow once more !
Amazing...Jacky has such a way of explaining even the most complicated thing in a way that anyone can grasp and own. With her professional wisdom it only took one call to get me back on track and implementing an effective strategy. Thank you Jacky I am still returning to my notes I made during our time together and I am still finding so much value in them and you. Thank you for your on going support and advice, you've been incredible.
Everything you said to me on our call together made total sense and you helped me strip back everything that I was focusing on, and saying : what do I need to be focusing on right now! You also helped give myself permission to not to do everything right now. I think we sometimes get stuck in our own heads and end up in overwhelm so having someone else there being the voice of reason has made all the difference, thank you!
I’m so grateful to Jacky for helping me to understand the steps necessary to take my business to the next level and beyond! She is so warm and approachable yet has an uncanny knack of cutting to the chase and putting into words (and hence an effective business strategy) exactly what I meant but felt I couldn’t articulate or piece together. Thank you so much Jacky for making the road ahead crystal clear. My self belief has been given a massive boost too
Jacky has a highly strategic brain. Talking my many jumbled thoughts and ideas, she was able to distill a clear plan of action, step by step approach and easy bite sized chunks to enable me to more forward in my business. If you need someone to give you clarity of mind, I strongly recommend that you seek a call with Jacky without delay! Jacky was my ‘go to girl’ when the ideas in my head threatened to overwhelm me! I needed a plan, an order, some organised thinking! This is Jacky’s expertise! A great skill of listening and helping sort the confusion into a clear pathway forward! Thanks for your help in the past month!
Thank you SO much for your session yesterday. I'll be in touch with more info later, but you've really inspired me and helped me cut through everything - I can't believe how much we got through in such a short time. So I'm forcing my way through finishing this bloody website that's holding me back and then I'm moving straight onto your stuff and advice. I am so fired up I can't believe it! Oh my God. I'm having breakthrough after breakthrough this week!!! You've totally ignited something in me - including figuring out how to describe myself. You gave me permission to leave the confusing stuff to the side, it's been incredible! I'm officially a copywriter-with-a-twist!
I made the decision to book a one-to-one call with Jacky at Clarke Learning Consultancy after seeing her ‘Blueprint for Business’ offer, which had helped me to clarify a few ideas that I’d had about taking my business online. My creative writing tutoring had become stale and not particularly profitable, definitely not scalable, and I needed to change something, but I wasn’t sure how to change or who to target. I must admit, I went into the call a bit sceptical about how much she’d be able to help me. I needn’t have worried! By the end of the first session, I had two pages of notes to work on. Jacky helped me to clarify my offer, talked me through the logistics of taking my business online, and helped me to visualise my ideal client. I would definitely recommend booking to work with Jacky, she’s inspired and motivated me to get things up and running and I’m looking forward to our next steps.