Discover How I Went From Burnout to Balance whist growing my Business

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Can you Imagine:

Now Imagine:

Do you want all of that right now?

The Blueprint to Business Mentorship Course is a cleverly constructed hybrid, it includes training on key aspects, expert Q&A support and this is where it gets really good, a community of people to work alongside, all of whom are going on the same journey as you.

They will have the same struggles, the same fears but more importantly the same ambitions! The ambition to create a business for the future, a business that is strong and can give you access to start moving towards the life you want to live.

Along with me running the course (you can find out my story below!) We have 6 amazing experts that will be run 2 hour Master classes at strategic points in the program to help you get the best bang for your buck! They are all expert in their own fields and bring a wealth of experience into the course.

What will the Blueprint give you

Create balance, avoid burnout, put a reliable strategy in place that you can fall back on time and time again

You don’t have to work all the hours and do all the things to grow your business. You just need the right strategy in place – and I’m going to show you how. You can focus on a clear action plan that delivers results and gives you a repeatable business offering. 

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If you sign up before the 19 October you will get an extra bonus group session. 

This will be a pre-kick off session to help you get prepared to take on the 12 week program. It will help with routine building and give you some reading suggestions to get into the right might frame. 

Once Off Payment

Cheapest Way to Pay
£ 900 Once off
  • Including 6 bonus sessions worth over £1500! VAT incl


Paid in three installments over 3 months
£ 318 per month
  • Including 6 bonus sessions worth over £1500! VAT incl
Sign ups are currently closed. Reserve a spot for our next course by getting on our waitlist

Seriously, I created my videos yesterday and added them to YouTube, stuck them into an email that went out this morning automatically. This doesn’t feel hard enough to be real work!! I am loving this method of doing business! Thank you for showing me the way, I am already thinking of new courses, and my dream of living somewhere remote and writing is now a real possibility – and won’t have to wait until I’ve paid off my mortgage and am too old to enjoy it! – Zoe Carroll 

About Jacky

Jacky Clarke is the founder of Clarke Learning Consultancy – the business strategy company that helps owners take their business to the next level. Having built a 6-figure business, developing leaders from all industries on how to take their teams on the change journey, she decided that she had a bigger ambition. She wanted to help entrepreneurs change the world. So she started her business and used all of her expertise to help entrepreneurs create businesses that last, with people who are engaged internally and externally in the success of the business.

After doing this for a while with businesses on a one to one basis she realised that this wasn’t the most effective way to changing the world – so she changed her strategy and created an online mentorship that offered the same amazing value in a quicker, more accessible way at a much more affordable price! And so the Blueprint to Business Course was born!

Being really passionate about education – from her career to her charity work, the theme is always the same. Jacky is a co-director of a charity in South Africa that helps provide sanitary cups to underprivileged girls so that they don’t have to miss school and lose out on their education. She also works closely with another education charity when visiting South Africa by delivering training to up skill their tutors. This is the privilege that she wants to give back to you, the freedom to not only live your life as you see fit, but to be able to influence the lives of others for the better.

I understand what it feels like to have a few quick wins but always be scared the work will dry up….

I know that believing yourself can be hard! I know that we all underplay our abilities and find it tough to listen to ourselves and trust our decisions. But I am here to tell you that you are a authority in your field, you can step out as a leader and create the exact business you have always wanted. You hold the key to do it, I can give you the pathway to the lock!

Blueprint to Business Mentorship Course will

Take you through the amazing 7 step process that has been created through years of learning and is now a clear process for creating a plan that then leads to action. It will help you understand the process so that you can use it again and again to continue to make your business a success. Meaning more clients, more sales, more peace of mind!

What you will walk away with:

What you get:

What will I be learning?

Pre-course – Mindset, Reading list, and preparing yourself for the program
Week 1 – Gain clarity on why you need a sustainable strategy for your business and create one that is right for you
Week 2 – Learn how to find your clients and build deeper relationships with them
Week 3 – Consistency in talking to your clients and how to show up online
Week 4 – Building your Customer Journey to help them move from follower to buyer
Week 5 – Starting with Automation to save you time in your business and ensure quality
Week 6 – Creating a valuable piece of content to attract clients and get them to start the buyers journey
Week 7 – Creating a paid for offer that makes sense and sells to your ideal customer
Week 8 – Understanding how to reach your money goals in the short and long term
Week 9 – Building the core containers you need to create your ideal strategy
Week 10 – Learning to Launch and Sell with consistency
Week 11 – Planning a communication strategy that talks to your ideal client and sells your offer
Week 12 – Future growth and planning – understanding what the next 12 months needs to look like

At each stage you will have the online Zoom tutorials to help bring the area to life, with worksheets and templates that you can save to reuse as often as you need.

All of my 10 years in business, distilled into one course that saves you having to make the same mistakes, seek answers to the same questions and move at a much slower rate – I want you to succeed now, not have to work as I did. G

This course is for you if:

This course is not for you if:

Client testimonials:


Amazing…Jacky has such a way of explaining even the most complicated thing in a way that anyone can grasp and own. With her professional wisdom it only took one call to get me back on track and implementing an effective strategy. Thank you

Jacky I am still returning to my notes I made during our time together and I am still finding so much value in them and you. Thank you for your on going support and advice, you’ve been incredible.

Elizabeth, The Guru Co


Before I met with Jacky, I had so many ideas and plans it was getting confusing. I didn’t know where to set my focus and it was leading to massive overwhelm, negativity and stress.

What I loved best about my session with Jacky was that she made me feel totally normal. I’d been hiding my overwhelm, multiple ideas and lack of focus because I thought it was something only I experienced. After 10 minutes with Jacky she helped me understand how common these feelings are. And then she gave me action steps to get out from it all.

She helped me shed some of the ideas – to accept they were blocking me from moving forward. I had been holding onto so much ‘just in case’ but with Jacky’s guidance I recognised they were holding me back, rather than being useful.

After the session I was able to focus really well on what was in front of me. Since my session with Jacky, I feel so much clearer. And so relieved. I’m grateful for her support and expertise – it was exactly what I needed.

I can’t recommend her enough.

Abi – Owner Sea Change Creative

Once Off Payment

Cheapest Way to Pay
£ 900 Once off
  • Including 6 bonus sessions worth over £1500! Vat Incl


Paid in three installments over 3 months
£ 318 per month
  • Including 6 bonus sessions worth over £1500! Vat Incl
Sign ups are currently closed. Reserve a spot for our next course by getting on our waitlist

Client testimonials: