About Jacky

Jacky Clarke

Jacky has a wealth of experience as a facilitator, coach, consultant and strategist – working across a broad cross section of industries in the private, public and non-profit sectors in the UK, Ireland and South Africa.

From Jacky:

I grew up in South Africa and really struggled in school as I am dyslexic. I was told that I would never amount to anything and I was not smart enough to study. I remember believing that for too long. Until in my final year of school, something ignited in me and I decided that I was not going to live by anyone else’s rules. I would do what I wanted and prove to the world what I had inside!
Jacky is also an animal lover with two cats – Oscar and Max. They are regularly pictured in her social media accounts and love sleeping on top of her laptop when she is meant to be working!

Being original from South Africa, Jacky has strong passion and link to her home and even though she lives in the UK she works with Charities in South Africa to help close the gap in the education system.

With a passion for learning, she knows how important knowledge is and that everyone deserves access to it. She works with the Sozo Foundation to up-skill their tutors when she is home on holiday, They support a whole community of young people to help them complete school, gain skills, get employment and ultimately start the best possible life.

Jacky feels so privileged to be able to work with such an amazing charity and always encourages her clients to pick a cause that aligns with their values and support it through their businesses.
I dug in. I read books on business and marketing. I launched my first small consultancy and started taking on small clients and seeing what I could do to help. One client led to another and another and it wasn’t long before I was advising large scale companies in all kinds of sectors, from Insurance, retail, Suppliers, Manufacturers, Auto-repairs, and Housing Associations.

I then realised it isn’t just big businesses that need to know this secret…it’s small businesses too. Startups. Entrepreneurs wondering “Why isn’t this working?!” So I started working with clients from coaches, yoga instructors, a communication specialist, and even a creative writer! And over a period of time the Blueprint to Business course was born!

I am currently completing Masters of Human Resource Development and have a passion for lifelong learning which is seen in all of the content to consume, formalise and share with my clients!
Exploring the world with her husband and best friend is a favourite pass time. She says:

“We spent the first few years together building the foundation, buying a house, investing, building the business and our careers, and stuck in a little wedding in between.

Since then we have started to live the life we were building towards, explore the world, learning about different cultures, going on extreme adventures.

From weekends away in the UK like hiking the Lake District, to Iceland or Europe for a proper break, we are always trying to explore and learn something new!

We were booked to be hiking the second largest canyon in June 2020 but Covid put a pause on that, so hopefully June 2021 will be year for the Fish River Canyon in Namibia.

This is why I built my business the way it is, because it allows me to life the live we have always wanted and support charities close my heart.”