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Jacky from Clarke Learning delivers an online mentorship program on the 7 Step Blueprint to Business Success.

The Blueprint has been designed to include the key stages of business and marketing strategy, while taking into consideration the scalability and people aspects of running a successful business.

In 12 weeks it helps entrepreneurs set up foundations for their business to ensure growth.

You can find her over on Instagram or Facebook for daily inspiration, YouTube for two 60-second learning videos a week, read her blogs or get you hands on her 7 Stage Blueprint to Business eBook (here) that gives you all the best ways to set up your business for Free!

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This is how I felt today when I woke up, happy to stay snuggled up, and not have to face the day. Then I remember what I do for a living, a smile crosses my face and I get up and enjoy my day. ⠀

This is such a different feeling from a few years ago. And it is all because I used 6 key strategies to create a business that suits my life and that I absolutely love. ⠀

Focusing on Work-life balance, Gaining clarity on my vision, customers, and offering, understanding the money, building a repeatable sales process, and using my bullet journal were the things that change the face of my business. ⠀

Now I want to share them with you. I ran a webinar that covered these 6 strategies in loads of detail. It is available for you (link in bio) to implement into your own business and move closer to success. ⠀

These are the steps I took in my own business and now I teach my clients in my 12-week Blueprint to Business Program. The on-going benefit of learning the methods is so powerful, as you can adapt the concepts to always create growth. It is a more proactive way of running your business but not one that leads to burnout. ⠀

Enjoy the webinar and let me know which bit you are going to implement!

Running a business is exciting, terrifying, and rewarding all in equal measures. Some people are cut out for the life, others are not. And there is no shame in that.⠀

Most people, myself included, use a terrible business plan when they first start.⠀

You have basically no plan, you get a few customers, things spread by word of mouth. You have feast or famine. The emotions are on a rollercoaster and honestly, you are not sure if you can get off.⠀

This was my business about 4 years ago. It was something I had to fit my life into and most of the time my life didn’t win.⠀

In my best sales year, I did 6 figures in revenue, and I only spent at home in my own bed 40 nights of 365. Every other one was spent in a hotel, on a plane, or driving. Honestly, even when I was home I would be exhausted and not be a great company for my husband.⠀

Then I had the critical moment where I lost someone very special to me and I missed saying goodbye by 20 hours because I didn’t catch an earlier flight home. I thought I could fit it all in, keep the clients happy, make it in time to say goodbye, mourn, and not skip a beat. How wrong I was.⠀

I ended up at a breaking point, almost lost my business, and had to start again. With a new plan, new strategy, new way of working.⠀

And this time I swore I would do better, I would build a proper business, one that fitted my lifestyle and gave me the freedom I wanted when I left my 9-5 corporate job.⠀

The core strategies you need:⠀
Whether you are looking to set up or start again, I have the 6 strategies I used that I want to share with you.⠀

* Work-life balance⠀
* Clarity Wheel⠀
* Value Ladder⠀
* Money⠀
* Full Sales Process⠀
* Bullet Journaling⠀

This is an extract from my blog today - follow the Blog link in my bio to read about each strategy in my detail.

How much time do you spend doing? The answer is likely no enough.⠀

I talk to clients often about generating income for their businesses. And I want to ask you the same question. ⠀

How much time do you send on income-generating tasks? ⠀

Your business grows in direct relations to your ability to generate income, so if you want to spend 80% of your time not taking action, then you can't expect to hit your goals. ⠀

Most business owners spend less than 1 hour a week actually making offers for people to buy from them or work with them. ⠀

Think about your own business, when was the last time you made an offer? Direct message someone that might be interested, run an ad, contact your previous clients? ⠀

If it wasn't last week, then you need to get spend some time this week doing exactly that. ⠀

You have the power to grow your business beyond your wildest dreams, you just have to tap into it! Stop thinking and start doing!

This rings so true, don't throw the goal out, but change the plan! ⠀

This resonated with me so much, knowing I wanted to be my own boss, but having the first plan no really work out. ⠀

After losing my 6 figure business in 2018, and almost losing my business completely - the thought of going back to work was awful. It filled me with dread, because I know I am unemployable. ⠀

I like running my life on my terms too much now. And the 9 - 5 life really doesn't suit me. I like 2pm naps, morning runs, days off when I choose. ⠀

But learning that I can put my life first and still earn money was the turning point for me. Letting go of this idea that I have to be super busy to earn good money, that I need to do all the things for all the people, that I had to be tired, stressed, or unhappy. All of these things were what my last business made me. ⠀

And then I took a few steps to move in the right direction. ⠀

I started by writing out how I wanted my life to look, how did I want to spend my time, what money did I want to earn. Like a detailed vision. ⠀

Then I set about to make that vision happen. By creating a strategy and delivering on it time and time again. Now don't get me wrong it has taken time and hard work but it has been worth it. If you want my exact 6 steps drop me a DM or a 💜 below and I will send you a link to get immediate access to my webinar to gives you all the answers!

How often to you do things you love? For most people it is not often, for most smaller business owners it is never. ⠀

We are always says, I'll do that when.... I hit x customers, x money, x goal. ⠀

While I'm here to tell you that is the wrong approach. We need to live abundant life's in order to attract abundant lives. ⠀

So try plan in one new adventure a month, or one pamper day you have been holding off on. It doesn't have to be expensive, but it needs to make you feel good. ⠀

Recently Jay and I spent a few hours learning how to do poverty, a new skill for both of us. But such a joy! ⠀

This weekend, I placed an order for some pamper items, which I used go Sunday to relax and unwind. ⠀

Always look for the abundance in the life you live now, this will keep you open to the abundance that is waiting to come join you. ⠀

I always find when I spend time look ing after myself, my business grows. So it is worth the time. ⠀

Share your favourite thing to do to unwind, relax, pamper or have fun in the comments below! 👇👇

What was your defining moment? The first moment something big happen that shifted the course of your live? ⠀

I have had a few, in life the break up with my first serious boyfriend that saw me on a plane, moving country and starting a completely new life. ⠀

In my business it was the inflexibility of my job that meant I missed saying goodbye to my aunt before she died. ⠀

This moment jilted me and made me realise that even though I was "self-employed" the stratgey that I work in was just as bad as being employed, maybe even worse. ⠀

It was hard to walk away from contract that gave me the 6 figure business and lifestyle. But I knew I could get back there with a heathlier strategy. ⠀

And now I want to share that stratgey with you. On Monday I am doing a webinar to share the exact 6 steps I took to get my business and freedom back. ⠀

Sign up link in bio - and if can't make it live I will drop you the recording afterwards! So we sure to sign up.

Oh how I miss this. We normally spend the clock change week away. I have never liked the clocks changing and so more recently we had decided to skip that wee in the UK.

This year had other plans for that. So we have to adapt and instead, I will be taking thing slow, getting out my heat lamp and upping my vit d early this year.

This is something so powerful to know. You are in charge of your happiness, regardless of the situation you can choose your response.

I believe so deeply in work-life balance and taking responsibility for your Business. I am running g a free webinar on Monday to tell you my 6 strategies for creating a money making business while creating the lifestyle of your dreams.

These ideas will get you moving on the right track in your life and business.

Link in Bio to sign up.

I have to remind my clients of this often, but sometimes I have to remind myself this too.

You see it can be easy to slip back into corporate rat race mode.

Where we overload our days, expect to finish more tasks than possible and stop loving the journey.

You need to know that success is in loving the journey, not just the destination.

To truly crack the code, you have to know what you want in life, know the lifestyle you want to live and create everything else around that. Otherwise you will never truly be happy.

Divine timing is so true. so stop saying you feel "behind in your business" and start focusing on the small steps you need to take to achieve the life you want live.

If you want to know how I achieved it, join me on Monday for a live webinar on my 6 key ways to fast track work-life balance with a money making business.

Link in Bio to sign up and get your invite!

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