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The Blueprint has been designed to include the key stages of business and marketing strategy, while taking into consideration the scalability and people aspects of running a successful business.

In 12 weeks it helps entrepreneurs set up foundations for their business to ensure growth.

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I know I left out an apostrophe, but I have a valid point to make.

Happy National Grammar Day

Being Dyslexic I'm happy for people I know to point out ways I might have changed what I meant to say by using the wrong spelling or grammar.

However, I'm not ok with strangers being mean on the Internet.

Looking at me, you won't know I'm Dyslexic. You won't know the struggles that have happened to get to this point.

I had someone message me a little while ago saying "you can't be a very good strategists if you can't even spell in your stories"

This is unnecessary, unkind and untrue AF

I am the best strategists because of the way my brain works thanks to my Dyslexia. I see solutions to things others can't figure out. And I love that about myself.

My perceived childhood problem has become my super power.

So if you can't deal with me having bad spelling and grammar sometimes then please just unfollow and be on your way.

I only have space in my life and business for KIND, forward-thinking, wonderful humans.

A life filled with winder is a wonderful life - unknown ...

Yesterday I woke up in a negative place. The old story was playing in my head again.

I tried to "push" through like I used too. But then caught myself.

This is the exact moment I have built my business for. I looked at my list for the day.

* Write blog
* Write mailer
* create Strategy intensive sales page
* Map out my website

Instead I did:

* Write blog and mailer
* Go for a run
* lie in the sun in the garden
* eat a nutritious lunch
* book in a call with an amazing group of ladies to shift my spirit.

I finished the day way more grounded. Meaning I can show up for my clients today.

When you build you business plan, are you creating a business that loves you back? Are you creating a business that gives you time, space and support when you need it?

Or are you just creating another job where you have the added stress to pay yourself as well?

Honestly look at your business and ask yourself doesmy business support me on the good AND bad days.

Answer in the comments πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

Get your desire, unedited, untamed, in all its glory in black and white below! πŸ’œ

So much to be grateful for as we step into March.

The days are getting longer, the sun is getting brighter, the world is opening up.

I'm going to share my lesson from February in my blog tomorrow but already I feel I have learned so much in the first 59 days of 2021.

What has been for best lesson you have learnt this year so far? DROP IT IN THE COMMENTS BELOW πŸ‘‡

Sunday Brunch!

A whole stack of waffles!

Hope you have had the most amazing weekend. Tell me one thing you did this weekend? πŸ‘‡

How do you balance life and work?

Too many people still have no boundaries in business.

Or if they set them, they don't stick to them.

πŸ™„ I remember not having boundaries, answering my phone at 2am, to might managers desling with difficult staff.

😡 I remember saying yes when I wanted to SCREAM no

🀯 I remember having a to do list that was pages long, and still adding more.

But I also remember it wasn't as easy as just saying, I won't do that anymore.

So I wanted to share the 3 things I did to start building boundaries into my life and business.

1️⃣ Made a list of the ideal boundaries I wanted in their optimal end goal form

2️⃣ Then I picked 1 boundary to work on at a time.

3️⃣ Then I broke it down into small steps to implement

I.E one boundary was working 10am to 5pm 4 days a week. So I started first by blocking out the time before 10am and after 5pm in my calendar to stop me booking things in that time.

πŸ™ˆ It took a few weeks to get to the point of all previous engagements to be done, but it was nice to have this blocked 🚫 out in red to remind my brain not to book anything!

The next step was to then fill that time with other things I wanted to spend time doing. So I planned a morning routine and planned family activities after 5pm.

I have now gotten to the point of working 10am-5pm 4 days and doing 10am to 140pm on day 5. So I little more work is needed to book out another full day off. But again this will be completed in stages.

What is a boundary you want to implement πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

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